Our Story

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Our Story

NUDA Tequila was founded by a Persian-Mexican connection, in a way reflecting the two cultures that have played the largest roles in the creation of the famous Mexican spirit, Tequila. It was the Aztecs that began fermenting the blue agave hundreds of years ago. But it wasn't until the Spanish aristocrat Pedro Sánchez de Tagle introduced the distillation process to Mexico in the 1700s that tequila was born. The distillation process itself was perfected in the 10th century by Razi, a Persian alchemist, physician, and philosopher.

We at NUDA Tequila did not invent the distillation nor the fermentation process, but introduced the sensuality, sophistication and elegance of the Queen of Tequila, with an ULTRA PREMIUM collection of Silver (Blanco), Reposado, Añejo, Extra Añejo, and The World’s only ROYAL PREMIUM, Limited Edition Extra Añejo housed in a hand crafted ceramic bottle. Softer, yet stronger in flavor and aromas of the cooked agave, introducing a new level of distinction to the Tequila spirit, without forgetting the inherited quality and precision our forefathers incorporated into every batch.

The Journey

Since the Aztec ancestors, tequila has been considered a soothing drink that comforts the soul and strengths the spirit. Nuda Tequila honors this belief by meticulously selecting its perfectly ripe agaves, using refined cooking methods and a masterly crafted process, which reflects dedication and refinement.

Nuda denotes nature’s magic in every drop, inviting you to discover NUDA’S MAGICAL TEMPTATION, sharing the most important moments of life with a sip of nature, that at sight and touch - awakens all our senses with its delicate earth-like characteristics defined by its sensual concept and provocative aroma.

We welcome you to DISCOVER THE MAGIC of NUDA’S sophisticated & refined spirit


Art In the Making

Artisanal Craftsmanship

NUDA Tequila, has gracefully brought together "Nectar of the Gods", a mythical earthlike flavors and aromas of a masterly crafted spirit and "Queen of Tequila", representing the most worthy values of humanity which includes, love, strength, energy, beauty and sensuality.

NUDA Tequila offers an exclusive production of a sandblasted glass bottles depicting the passion for the most awaited artisanal handcrafted ceramic bottles, revealing the feminine beauty of the Queen of Tequila decorated with real gold pigments.

Silver Ultra Premium
Reposado Ultra Premium
Anejo Ultra Premium
Extra Anejo Ultra Premium
Extra Anejo Royal Premium